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1. Sometimes more mess can equal less stress.  Learn how to tolerate the natural chaos of your life and feel happier.

2. As you know, I am a big fan of Gretchen’s Happiness Project.  Today I want to direct you to her tips for dealing with criticism so that it is less stressful and more helpful.

3. An article after the early childhood educator in my heart- Scientific American Mind explains the seriousness of play.

4. Stressing about money?  Who isn’t?  The growing field of behavior economics is looking at the ways in which money drives us crazy.



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1) Remember a compliment you’ve gotten and let yourself believe it.

2) Cut the size tags out of all your clothes.

3) Do 30 jumping jacks.  If the exercise doesn’t rev up your spirits, stopping will.

4) Write down one thing you feel guilty about.  Then shred the paper and chuck it–for good.

5) Share: Write a check- $5, $10, $15-to your church, the Red Cross, even to your college-poor sister or niece to keep her in ramen noodles.

6) Silently forgive someone.

7) Transfer money to your savings account, and mentally note how much closer that gets you to the Aruba vacation, the high-end MP3 player, the new home- whatever your goal.

8) Think of three things you’d teach a pet parrot to say.

9) Stop watching television.  Or, if you think you could never give up your favorite show, limit it to your favorite show.  Use all of the extra hours of free time you have exploring a new hobby or finally writing that book you’ve been meaning to get to but can’t find the time.

10) Practice being optimistic.  If you expect bad things to happen, they usually will.  If you expect good to happen, chances are that a fortunate circumstance is headed your way.

These tips were collected over the years from a few different sources.

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