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Take some time out to have some fun with your kids!  Here are some helpful suggestions and ideas!

1. Build an amazing couch cushion fort!

2. Celebrate an eco-friendly Valentine’s day together.

3. Here’s a whole list of fun winter time activities for you to enjoy.

4. Parent Magazine has a large collection of activity ideas for you to pick and choose from.

5. Do you have a tiny chef in your family?  Encourage his/her culinary passion with these baking recipes for kids.

6. Want to play games with your kids and have them learn at the same time?  Check out PBS Kids for a good start.

7. And eHow has an article on how to have more family fun on a small family budget.

What are your favorite ways to have fun with the kids?


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Often celebrities go by names that are not their birth names.  Back in the fifties and sixties, many stars got new names.  Here are some celebs and their birth names for you to check out.

REAL NAME                 STAGE NAME

Woody Allen————-Allen Konigsburg

Anne Bancroft———–Anne Italiano

Brigitte Bardot———-Camille Javal

Pat Benatar—————Patricia Andrzejewski

Tony Bennett—————Antonio Dominic Benedetto

Nicholas Cage————-Nicholas Coppola

Michael Caine———–Maurice Micklewhite

Tom Cruise————–Thomas Mapother IV

Tony Danza————-Anthony Iadanza

Sandra Dee————–Alexandra Zuck

John Denver————-Henry John Deutschendorf

Kirk Douglas———–Issur Danielovitch Demsky

Bob Dylan—————Robert Zimmerman

Gloria Estefan———–Gloria Maria Fajardo

Sally Field—————Sally Mahoney

Joan Fontaine———–Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland

Gerald R. Ford———-Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

Jamie Foxx—————Eric Bishop

Greta Garbo————-Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

Cary Grant————–Archibald Leach

Billie Holiday———-Eleanora Fagan

Ice T————————Tracy Morrow

Elton John—————-Reginald Kenneth Dwight

Al Jolsen——————Asa Yoelson

Chaka Khan————–Carole Yvette Marie Stevens

Larry King—————-Larry Zeigler

Ann Landers————–Ester Pauline Friedman

Sophia Loren————–Sofia Villani Scicolone

Dean Martin—————Dino Crocetti

Chuck Norris—————-Carlos Ray Norris

Natalie Portman————Natalie Hershlag

Meg Ryan—————–Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra

Winona Ryder————-Winona Harowitz

Charlie Sheen—————Carlos Irwin Estevez

Sting————————Gordon Sumner

Joss Stone——————Joscelyn Eve Stoker

Tina Turner————–Annie Mae Bullock

John Wayne—————-Marion Michael Morrison

Stevie Wonder————-Steveland Morris

Natalie Wood————Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko

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