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1. “Patience is the key to paradise.” -Albanian Proverb

2. “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” -New Zealand Proverb

3 “He who always thinks it is too soon is sure to come too late.” -German Proverb

4. “Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.” -Chinese Proverb

5. “A book holds a house of gold.” -Chinese Proverb

6. “The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.” -Japanese Proverb

7. “A heart that loves is always young.” -Greek Proverb

8. “God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage.” -Bulgarian Proverb

9. “Don’t ignore the small things – a kite flies with its tail.” -American Proverb

10. “To be willing is only half the task.” -Armenian Proverb

11. “Where you find fault with something, come and give a hand.” -Estonian Proverb

12. “Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.” -Nigerian Proverb

13. “One who does not look ahead remains behind.” -Brazillian Proverb

14. “Conversation is food for the soul.” -Mexican Proverb

15. “A fault confessed is half redressed.” -Zulu Proverb

16. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” -Italian Proverb

17. “Don’t look for more honor than your learning merits.” -Jewish Proverb

18. “Before you let your voice be heard, first lick your lips.” -Indonesian Proverb

19. “By crawling, a child learns to stand.” -West African Proverb

20. “Do good if you expect to receive it.” -Palestinian Proverb

21. “All old sayings have something in them.” -Icelandic Proverb


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We’re 3 days into 2009.  I thought I would give you a short list of quotes to inspire you to keep going on those New Year Resolutions.  The first month is the hardest!

1. “The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow for a solution.” -Bertrand Russell

2. “The first step towards success will be the biggest one.” -Dennis Waitley

3. “Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated.  You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” -David Lloyd George

4. “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle

5. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t–you are right.” -Henry Ford

6. “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.  The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials.” -Lian Yutang

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“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; but the WILLINGNESS to learn is a choice.” -Unknown Author

“That’s what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we’ve changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games.  Losing, in a curious way, is winning.” -Richard Bach

“Learning by experience often is painful- and the more it hurts, the more you learn.” -Ralph Banks

“Always keep learning.  It keeps you young.” -Patty Berg

“Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

“There are three kinds of men.  The one that learns by reading.  The few who learn by observation.  The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence to see for themselves.” -Will Rogers

“Only the curious will learn and only the resolute will overcome the obstacles to learning.  The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient.” -Eugene S. Wilson

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1. “We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.” -John F. Kennedy

2. “A leader is a dealer in hope.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

3. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

4. “The world is full of suffering.  It is also full of the overcoming of it.” -Helen Keller

5. “Three grand essentials to happiness in life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” -Joseph Addison

6. “We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics.  They will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks to come.  We’ve been asked to pause for a reality check; we’ve been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope.  But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.” -Barack Obama

7. “Never deprive someone of hope.  It might be all they have.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

8. “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for.” -Epicurus

9. “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

10. “If you want  to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

11. “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.  The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill

12. “Creativity comes from trust.  Trust your instincts.  And never hope more than you work.” -Rita Mae Brown

13. “You must not lose faith in humanity.  Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops in the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” -Mohandas Ghandi

14. “What seem to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” -Oscar Wilde

15. “Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.” -Jean Kerr

16. “Those who wish to sing always find a song.” -Proverb

17. “Hope is like a road in the country; there never was a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.” -Lin Yutang

18. “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them.” -Louisa May Alcott

19. “Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.” -Don Quixote

20. “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.  If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

21. “Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.” -George Weinberg

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I just finished the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a wonderful, eye-opening, spirit-opening, heart-opening book.  Plus, it’s funny.  I highly recommend reading it.  Here are a few examples of what I am talking about, taken straight from the book.  Click HERE to purchase the book from Amazon.com.

“When I get lonely these days, I think: So be lonely, Liz.  Learn your way around loneliness.  Make a map of it.  Sit with it, for once in your life.  Welcome to the human experience.  But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings.”

“I wanted what the Greeks called kalos kai agathos, the singular balance of the good and the beautiful.”

“The truth is, I don’t think I’m good at meditation.  I can’t seem to get my mind to hold still.  I mentioned this once to an Indian monk, and he said, “It’s a pity you’re the only person in the history of the world who ever had this problem.”

“It’s all I can do not to jump out of this bed and call him from India in the middle of the night and just- I don’t know what- just hang up on him, probably.  Or beg him to love me again.  Or read him such a ferocious indictment on all his character flaws.”

“I have a new friend.  His name is Yudhi.  He’s Indonesian, originally from Java.  He is twenty-seven years old and talks kind of like a southern California surfer.  He calls me ‘man’ and ‘dude’ all the time.  The guy has a musical ear like maybe nobody I’ve ever met.  He’s got a smile that could stop crime, and he’s got a  long, complicated life story for somebody so young.  I wish he were famous.  If there were any fairness, he would be famous by now.  He says, ‘Dude- why is life all crazy like this?”

“The karmic philosophy appeals to me on a metaphysical level because even in one lifetime it’s obvious how often we must repeat our same mistakes, banging our heads against the same old addictions and compulsions, generating the same old miserable and often catastrophic consequences, until we can finally stop and fix it.  This is the supreme lesson of karma (and of Western psychology, by the way)- take care of the problem now, or else you’ll just have to suffer again later when you screw everything up the next time.  And that repetition of suffering- that’s hell.  Moving out of that endless repetition to a new level of understanding- there’s where you’ll find heaven.”

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“The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.” -Neale Donald Walsch

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” -Carl Jung

“A loving person lives in a loving world; a hostile person lives in a hostile world.  Each person is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes, Jr.

“What angers us in another person is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves.  If we had already resolved that particular issue, we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us.” -Simon Peter Fuller

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” -Henry Winkler

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that many people enter into a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good.  In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.” -Anthony Robbins

“When you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself.  Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself.” -Deepak Chopra

“A man who marries a woman to educate her falls victim to the same fallacy as the woman who marries a man to reform him.” -Elbert Hubbard

“Love looks through a telescope; envy through a microscope.” -Josh Billings

“The key to a good relationship is the key.  Give me back the key.” -Ronnie Edwards

“Relationships are like glass.  Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself putting it back together.” -Anonymous

“Don’t rush into any kind of relationship.  Work on yourself.  Feel yourself, experience yourself and love yourself.  Do this first and you will soon attract that special loving other.” -Russ von Hoelscher

“Before you try to change others, remember how hard it is to change yourself.” -Bill Bluestein

“What you call flaws are really just scars and wounds accumulated over a lifetime.” -Deepak Chopra

“One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift of attention.” -Jim Rohn

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” -Beverly Sills

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“We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.” -Agnes Repplier

“Total absence of humor renders life impossible.” -Collette

“The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter.” -e.e. cummings

“If you don’t learn to laugh at trouble, you won’t have anything to laugh at when you’re old.” -Edgar Watson Howe

“Always laugh when you can.  It’s cheap medicine.” -Lord Byron

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.” -Ethel Barrymore

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” -Victor Borge

“You can turn painful situations around through laughter.  If you can humor in anything- even poverty- you can survive it.” -Bill Cosby

“Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.” -Max Forrester Eastman

“Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.” -Arnold H. Glasgow

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